President Donald Trump was active on Twitter Saturday morning as he issued thorny tweets at NBC, CNN and individual U.S. states.

In the midst of all of his attacks, he issued a tweet wishing the U.S.’s neighbours to the north a “happy birthday.”

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“Happy Canada Day to all of the great people of Canada and to your Prime Minister and my new found friend @JustinTrudeau. #Canada150,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump was not the only famous person to wish Canada a happy birthday Saturday.

Several entertainers also took a moment to send their congratulations including Ryan Reynolds, who was a little tongue-in-cheek with his message.

The Vancouver actor facetiously pointed out that 150 years is not really that old in comparison to some other monuments.

Another Vancouver actor, Cobie Smulders, spoke of her proud Canadian heritage.

A pair of our most famous singers also had warm messages.

A whole host of athletes, including hockey players Erik Karlsson and Logan Couture, race car driver James Hichcliffe, golfer Graham Delaet and Toronto Blue Jays’ Marcus Stroman also delivered a birthday greeting:

Perhaps one of the more surprising birthday tweets was from thrash metal band Megadeath.