Corey Feldman Loses Tooth In The Middle Of Concert

Actor and musician Corey Feldman paused a concert mid-performance to search for a missing tooth.

Feldman was performing at Shank Hall in Milwaukee when he knocked out his tooth on the microphone.

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After leaving the stage for a few minutes, Feldman came back out to search for the missing tooth.

“I smashed myself in the face and my tooth came out,” Feldman told the audience. We’re gonna try to find it.”

Thankfully a fan found it and Feldman was able to continue the concert, with the whole thing caught on video by the Milwaukee Record.

As it turns out, the tooth was actually a veneer, and TMZ reported that Feldman managed to reattach the false tooth using superglue.

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This isn’t the first odd concert incident for Feldman in the past several months. Last September Feldman’s bizarre “Today” performance of “Go 4 It” went viral, with plenty of hate directed at the former ’80s child star on social media.



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