Arcade Fire Created Their Own Kendall And Kylie Jenner Band Shirts With A Twist

At Arcade Fire’s show on Tuesday in London, England, their merch table had one familiar looking item.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner made headlines for their controversial band shirts that paired an image of Kendall’s face with iconic imagery and logos from bands and artists like Pink Floyd, Metallica and The Doors.

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When the shirts first hit the sister’s online store, they were mocked for the clothes and sent cease and desist letters from The Doors and other artists for using the imagery.

The shirts were quickly removed from their online store and both sisters posted a note on Twitter apologizing to anyone offended by the clothes.

Well, Arcade Fire took this opportunity to poke some fun at the shirts by pairing the logo from their upcoming album “Everything Now” with Kendall’s face.

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The reps for the sisters have yet to respond to ET Canada’s request for a comment. But you know who DID have a few comments? Twitter…

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