Madison Beer Addresses Leaked Jack Gilinsky Recording: ‘Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did’

After audio of Jack Gilinksy calling ex-girlfriend Madison Beer a “f**cking slut” and allegedly verbally abusing her leaked, Beer is speaking out about the comments.

Beer says that because she was so in love with Gilinsky, she was too scared to speak out and that during their time together, she alleges that this happened more than once.

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Beer took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank her fans for their support. As this wasn’t the first time Gilinsky and Beer had problems, Beer admitted she stayed with him because she wanted to fix him.

“Don’t make the same mistakes I did, your safety is never worth it. No matter what, no one deserves to be treated that way,” Beer wrote in the post.

She went on say that both of them have grown so much and that the situation was difficult to relive. She hopes her fans learn from her own mistakes.

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Beer also shared some advice with her fans who may ever find themselves in a relationship where the other person is mistreating them. She thanked them for helping her through this time:

On Sunday, Gilinsky posted a note on Twitter apologizing for his actions and how he treated her. He claims that the leaked tape was from last year and he has learned from his mistakes:

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