Nikki Blonsky, the star of the 2007 version of “Hairspray” and the short-lived TV series “Huge” took part in a very telling Instagram live on Monday.

Blonsky’s Instagram fans and followers asked her questions about what she’s been up to, her former co-stars, Donald Trump and everything else in between.

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Twitter user @popculturediedin2009 took some notes on what Blonsky revealed during her Instagram live. When asked about her thoughts on Trump, she said she has none and revealed that she didn’t vote for him.

She said she loves her gay fans, adores Lady Gaga and that she still talks to some of her former “Hairspray” co-stars. According to Blonsky, she still talks to Queen Latifah and even joined in on one of recent Instagram live streams.


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When asked if she knows who the singer Tinashe is, she said she has no idea who she is. And what about her thoughts on homosexuality? “I just want you to be happy,” she revealed.