Watch Chance The Rapper Read Poem And Cover Stevie Wonder In Tiny Desk Concert

Chance the Rapper recently stopped by the NPR offices to film his Tiny Desk Concert, which, to the Chicago native’s surprise, takes place in an actual office. “I didn’t know it was actually, actually in an office,” the rapper said, before opening his set with “Juke Jam” from his Grammy Award-winning album Coloring Book.

Supported by a three-piece band and a group of backing singers, Chance also performed a cover of “They Won’t Go When I Go” by the legendary Stevie Wonder.

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In between the two songs, the “No Problem” rapper recited a poem called “The Other Side”, which he’d penned on the car ride over. His recital was briefly interrupted when an announcement came over the building’s loudspeaker for someone to call the mailroom. “He’s like, ‘Shut the f**k up! No more poetry!’” Chance joked.

You can watch the intimate set below.



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