James Franco Reveals That Flirting With Customers At McDonald’s Was Training For Him As An Actor

Before he became James Franco the actor, artist, director and writer, he was James Franco, the McDonald’s drive-thru employee.

In a new interview with W, Franco recalls his time as an employee at the fast-food chain. He worked there before he nabbed a role on “Freaks and Geeks” and, according to him, he pulled double duty.

It was training for his acting career. He knew in high school that he was meant to become an actor. “I started acting my senior year in high school. I had loved movies since as long as I can remember. Then finally my senior year, I started acting,” he said.

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While he was working, he also tried to work on his acting by flirting with the customers. “Oh, yeah. I got a couple dates from the drive-thru window,” Franco revealed. Unfortunately, they didn’t go well.

“I was in acting class, and I would practice different accents in the drive-thru, like really bad accents. But people believed me,” Franco said. He admitted he used to try out an Italian-American accent and it was pretty bad, but it stuck.

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He did have one returning customer, though. She believed he was actually an Italian from Brooklyn and asked him to give her some lessons on the language of love and Franco obliged, of course.

Committing to the role became a bit too exhausting for him. “We went to see ‘Titanic’, and I had to keep it up,” he said. Eventually, he revealed the truth, that he was actually from Palo Alto, California, and the fling came to an end.

Fortunately, pretending to be Italian was foreshadowing for his role on “Deuces”, his upcoming series. Franco plays twin brothers, Frankie and Vinnie Martino, who were part of the porn scene in New York during the ’70s.

“So it turns out all that training at McDonald’s, this kid from Palo Alto pretending he’s from Brooklyn, it actually worked out,” Franco joked.




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