Ryan Gosling Has An Instagram Famous Twin

Ryan Gosling has a doppelgänger and he’s just as stylish.

The internet has uncovered Gosling’s Instagram famous twin. His name is Johannes Laschet and he’s from Aachen, Germany.

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While Gosling may be a huge movie star, Laschet is a popular Instagram fashion blogger and the son of a German politician.

Laschet’s blog is called Dapper Style and he has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and counting. On his Instagram page, he shows off his latest stylish outfits and that striking resemblance to Gosling.

In in interview with Time, Laschet said said that being as handsome as Ryan Gosling is sometimes “a little exhausting and sometimes it’s just too much.” He says people first started making the comparison when he was studying in the U.S. for a year in 2005.

“I am still me and nobody else,” Laschet said. “On the other hand you shouldn’t complain if you have a resemblance to Mr. Gosling. It’s better [than] if people would say: ‘Hey, you look like Danny DeVito.’ ”

Laschet says he and Gosling also share some interesting, including jazz. He is also big fan of the film “La La Land”, though he says that “his best performance was in ‘Blue Valentine’.”

Of course, Laschet also admires Gosling’s impeccable style. “Mr. Gosling knows how to dress well and you can learn something from him,” he said. “Especially when he wears a smoking suit.”

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Someone put these two in a movie together where they play twins ASAP.


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