Alison Sweeney, ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star, Granted Restraining Order For Obsessed Fan

Alison Sweeney, the former host of “The Biggest Loser” and star of the soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man who has been consistently harassing her on social media.

Jon Christopher LuVisi, 49, has allegedly been peppering Sweeney’s various social media accounts with comments for years, but they’d recently gotten more hostile, prompting Sweeney to apply for the restraining order.

“The Defendant’s unwanted contact with the Plaintiff has spanned the course of years, but in the past nine months escalated to such an extent that Plaintiff reasonable fears for her safety and the safety of her family,” read the court documents.

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“[Sweeney] has suffered significant emotional distress, lack of sleep and fear for the safety of herself and her family, including her [two] children, resulting from the Defendant’s repeated harassment and threats.”

The judge in the case ordered LuVisi to stay 1,000 feet away from the actor, her home, work and car. The order also states that he must stay away from her kids’ school.

Sweeney, 40, has said in the past that LuVisi has tried to extort money from her and consistently threatened her. He also implied that he and the “Days” star were having an affair. (Sweeney has been married to California Highway Patrol officer David Sanov since 2000.)

She didn’t want to take any chances, especially when LuVisi allegedly sent her messages like “B***h you better answer me,” “Don’t push me. Your really starting to p*ss me off,” and “You can’t hide from me you sorry a*s b***h.”

Sweeney says that every time she tried to block LuVisi from contacting her, he would just make up a new account and continue the harassment. She also claims that somehow LuVisi discovered her home address and posted it to the internet.

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Last month, Sweeney contacted the CHP (where her husband works) and the organization conducted a joint investigation with Oklahoma Law Enforcement.

The authorities spoke with LuVisi’s wife, who said that her husband had become “infatuated” with Sweeney and that she had considered divorce earlier in the year because of “his obsession.”

Sweeney was the host of “The Biggest Loser” from 2007 until 2015, and she recently returned to “Days” in her former role of Sami Brady (she debuted in the role in 1993, then left to host “Loser”).

She has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (2015) and won the Special Fan Emmy Award for America’s Favourite Villain in 2002. To date, Sweeney has appeared in almost 1,800 episodes of “Days”.

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