News Anchor Tosses His Script On Live TV After Technical Glitch

News anchors have difficult jobs, and when things go wrong, it can be difficult to keep cool. That’s not what Doug Fernandez did when his broadcast went glitchy on Wednesday.

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One viewer of KOAT Action News in New Mexico caught what happened when Fernandez passed off to his a reporter in the field, only for the feed not to switch over.

Fernandez paused for a moment, and when it looked like they wouldn’t be able to get the next live segment on the air he began to switch to another story, only for the feed to suddenly cut mid-sentence to field reporter.

What happened wouldn’t have been caught by anyone, except that another technical glitch occurred. The camera feed cut back to Fernandez now on a blank black background, tossing his script sheets into the air behind him as he walked off set.

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The feed quickly cut back to the field report, but thankfully a viewer saw the hilarious moment of an anchor losing it, recorded it, and posted it on YouTube for us all to see.



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