One Of Bill Cosby’s Defence Lawyers Quits Before November Retrial

According to The Associated Press, a judge revealed on Thursday that Bill Cosby will return to trial on November 6, almost 5 months after his sexual assault trial was declared a mistrial.

The mistrial came after 52 hours of deliberations, with the jury reveal unable to reach a verdict.

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As a result of a 2004 event with Andrea Constand at the actor’s home, Cosby, 79, was charged with three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault.

“She is a positive person and has kept all of us going while waiting for the jury to come back. She will continue to cooperate with us and I look forward to her getting a verdict in this case,” district attorney Kevin Steele said of Constand following the mistrial.

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Constand’s lawyer, Dolores Troiani, said that she will be ready come November to see the case close no matter the result. “She wants to see justice done and she wants to see this through. She was in the courtroom after the deadlock comforting everyone else,” Troiani said.

In his deposition, Cosby revealed he did give women pills or alcohol before engaging in sexual activity.

Ahead of the retrial, one of Cosby’s defence attorneys, Brian McMonagle, filed court papers on Tuesday to withdraw from the case. In the documents obtained by ET Canada, there is no reason listed as to why McMonagle has withdrawn from the case. A new lawyer to replace him hasn’t been named yet.





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