Arcade Fire Opens Up About ‘Everything Now’, Will Butler’s Solo Song And More

Arcade Fire is about to release their new album “Everything Now” on July 28 and the band is opening up about how this record came together in a new interview with Beats 1.

The new album was co-produced by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk and that experience led to a lot of … fist-fights and drinking? According to the band, when you work with them, it’s a cohesive effort and Bangalter brought a lot of ideas to the group.

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“He’s great at audio, don’t get me wrong, but his presence to me was very philosophical…and conceptual, yeah,” the band said.

Speaking of Daft Punk, back when the band performed at Coachella in 2014, they brought out an imposter Daft Punk to prank the audience.

“There was a kid we found on Craigslist who was advertising that he made these perfect, carbon-copy Daft Punk helmets,” they revealed. The helmets were so believable that one of Will Butler’s friends saw someone at the festival run across the field and trash their sandwich when the imposters appeared.

While their new album isn’t very political, the band will try to help get people motivated and organized during their North American tour this year.

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“We’re going to every major city in America so definitely going to try to plug in to some local people and try to get people money and try to get people energy because Lord Almighty, it is certainly necessary,” the band revealed. “But I don’t know if that’s a songwriting task as much as a physical bodies in a room excited about the future task,” they continued.

Recording this new album was a lot of fun and a learning experience like every record they’ve made. “It’s like the archetypal heroes journey every single time where you go through a long, dark night of the soul and then you meet a kindly wizard and they guide you to a golden orb and then you make it through but you’ve lost your innocence,” the band explained.

Butler also dished on his new solo song, “Anything You Want”. According to Butler, it came together very quickly. He also compares it to Kanye West kind of song. “Two takes and that was the first take and you can hear it! It’s kinda trying to be a Kanye song, trying to combine the sacred and the profane. Which I feel like we’re doing a little bit on this tour as a group as well,” Butler said.

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