Charlie Sheen Blasts Chuck Lorre Over ‘Two and a Half Men’ Finale

Remember last month’s now-infamous Two and a Half Men finale? The one where a Charlie Sheen lookalike ends up cartoonishly crushed by a grand piano? Well, Charlie certainly does, and he’s not particularly thrilled.

When approached by a TMZ camera crew on Tuesday, the actor had a few choice words for Two and a Half Men creator and showrunner Chuck Lorre.

“To go to that low, to be that immature, that completely un-evolved and that stupid. In my face, really?” Charlie said. “I don’t care if he lives or dies. It doesn’t even matter.”;

He added somewhat ominously (yet hopefully jokingly), “You must feel safe, motherf**ker. You must feel safe where you live.”

Something tells us these two won’t be pairing up on a new project anytime soon.

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