‘Big Brother 19’ Jillian Parker Interview; ‘The Girls Threw Themselves At Cody’

Big Brother is back! Each week ET Canada will be interviewing the latest houseguest evicted from the house.

Jillian Parker spent the majority of her stay in the “Big Brother” house on the chopping block. Over the course of 16 days, she had to campaign against not one, not two, not three but FOUR different houseguests! But the Las Vegas timeshare sales rep was unable to combat the continuous conveyor belt of nominees and was evicted in the first live show of the season.

To say it’s been an eventful week inside the “Big Brother” house is like saying Paul Abrahamian enjoys the sound of his own voice. From budding showmances to bruised egos to broken bones – the show hasn’t felt this chaotic and compelling in a long time. The drama started when Megan Lowder decided to self-evict, leaving her friend and fellow nominee Jillian in nomination limbo. Head of Household Cody Nickson – the body of Captain America combined with the personality of Kevin Spacey in “Se7en” – then put up competition queen Alex Ow in Megan’s place.

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When Alex beasted yet another comp, winning the Power of Veto and removing herself from the block, Cody had to name his second replacement. The former Marine initiated his top secret plan to blindside Paul, only to be blindsided himself when the “Big Brother” veteran revealed his “Pendant of Protection” which keeps him safe for the next three evictions. Running out of options, Cody threw Christmas Abbott up on the block, much to the shock of enemies and allies alike.

Jillian, who hoped to lay low and avoid the target, ended up paying for Cody’s erratic decision. His move caused a backlash within his own alliance, who weren’t informed of his plan to nominate Paul or the potentially broken-footed Christmas. When it came time for the eviction, Cody thought he had the votes to cancel Christmas, banking on the assurance of his showmance partner Jessica Graf, his former allies, as well the votes from Jillian’s friends Alex, Jason Dent, and Ramses Soto. But to Cody and Jessica’s surprise, the majority of the house had flipped, sending home Jillian in an 8-4 vote.

ET Canada caught up with Jillian to get her thoughts on her block opponents, the shock of the vote, showmances, and Cody’s game.

Hey, Jillian. You had a unique experience on the block – sitting next to four different houseguests during your two weeks. What was it like trying to campaign and strategize against a revolving door of nominees?

Literally, for me, it was very stressful – everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses – and it was very hard. From day one, sitting next to Christmas and Cameron… me and Christmas decided we were going to go against Cameron and take him out, so that worked out. Then being put up next to Megan, and Megan just disappears, I mean that was a sure thing – for sure Megan was going to go home, and then she had to leave. I thought I was going to come off the block, then they told me no, you’re going to stay on the block and we’ll nominate someone else, and then they went after my other friend Alex. Just how many nominees there were was really crazy for me. Never once did I feel relaxed in the house. That had a lot to do with me opening up as a person. A lot of the other houseguests had said that in the beginning I was so shy and stuff – part of that had to do with me being on the block the whole time that I was living in the house and that stress.

You looked shocked when Julie read the votes. How were you expecting the votes to break down and what do you think went wrong?

So I was on the outs with the big alliance of 7 or 6 (whatever that was), so we decided to make a singles alliance with the people on the outs. We talked about the votes probably ten thousand times – it was going to be a tie – 6 to 6, and Cody was going to break the tie and send Christmas home. And when she told me the votes were 8 to 4, I almost died. I couldn’t believe it. I’m pretty sure I know who did it because it was two people, I think it was Alex and Jason. I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked!

The house seemed to quickly divide into two sides – the showmances and the outsiders. Can you talk a little about how that split came about and the effect it had on the game?

From the first HOH, when Cody won, the girls threw themselves at him upstairs (except for me, I’m not going to do that), so that’s how that started. And then the two other guys were kind of in on it because they were all trying to kiss his butt so they wouldn’t be put on the block. And so then from there, they all started hanging out, and I guess that’s when they made their alliance in the first week. Then I got put on the block with Megan, so after that, I’m not going to try and be with them because I felt like it was his fault and they were always with him. So I just kind of did my own thing, with the rest of, I guess you could call us the singles. So from the first week, they were trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend, a few of them, and I thought oh my god, it’s too soon.

Despite the divide, it appeared Cody went rogue at the Veto Meeting much to the surprise of his allies. What do you think of Cody’s game, and is he in trouble next week?

Cody is definitely in trouble. I feel that my two people that turned on me, did it in the interest of getting rid of Cody and Jessica – 100% I believe that. But the curse is still in play, and if the curse happens this week (because I know who has the curse*), that person is more likely to go home than Cody and Jessica.

*It was revealed on Wednesday night’s episode that Ramses has the curse, which means he must put himself on the block within the next three evictions.

“Big Brother” airs Sundays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m., on Global.



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