Migos Removed From Delta Flight, Manager Claiming Racial Profiling

Migos almost missed their Iowa concert on Friday, as the rap trio was removed from a Delta flight thanks to an issue with Takeoff.

The group’s manager claims that the airline racially profiled group members Quavo, Offset and Takeoff after the plane was forced to return to the gate following a dispute over baggage.

Reportedly Takeoff’s bag was on the ground and not in an overhead bin. In a statement about the incident, Delta told PEOPLE the group was removed because customers “repeatedly refused to follow crew member instructions to buckle their seat belts and stow carry-on items in the overhead bins.”

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Unfortunately their manager doesn’t agreed, insisting that Takeoff failed to follow instructions because he was asleep.  Continuing on, he says when the plane taxied to the runway and the bag was still on the floor, the pilot decided to boot Takeoff. Quavos, Offset and their manager were not asked to leave, but got off in a show of solidarity.

TMZ posted a video which shows what happened following their removal. WARNING: strong language ahead.

The customers, including Migos’ manager, were rebooked on an alternate flight to Des Moines. Once they were on a new flight, Migos posted their own video to their Instagram.

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“RIGHT IS RIGHT WRONG IS WRONG,” Migos wrote in the caption. “Thanks @delta For Making It YOUR job to get US to our concert On TIME!!! W H O L E P L A N E.”

Their concert in Iowa was set for 10 p.m., while their flight was scheduled to land shortly after 9 p.m.





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