New ‘Friends’ Fan Theory Suggests It Was All A Dream

A new theory is shaking up the internet, suggesting that the entire series of “Friends” was all an anxiety dream Rachel had over her impending marriage to Barry.

For those of you who haven’t seen the series (could you BE any more behind on your pop culture?) Rachel is introduced in the pilot still wearing her wedding dress after having left Barry, her fiance, at the altar.

The debate was spawned after Twitter user Ted Fox tweeted an image of the season 4 box art with the question: “Why is Rachel the only one [with her eyes open]?”

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And just like that #FriendsGate was born.

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But it was Phil Dunne, who really got fans riled up when he shared this mind-blowing idea.

“Rachel Green had a dream on the eve of her wedding day,” he wrote. “She didn’t want to marry Barry so she had a major anxiety dream. She created a fantasy in her mind and the five other Friends characters as a way to escape her [spoiled], trapped future life.”

Insert your best “The One Where…” joke here and make sure to share your thoughts on the theory below!



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