Gigi Gorgeous On Pushing The Limits: ‘I’ve Always Broken Boundaries’

Gigi Gorgeous is all about breaking boundaries, as her seen in her first major cover shoot with FASHION Magazine.

As the star of the publication’s “Boundary Breakers” issue for August 2017, out on newsstands today, the 25-year-old model and internet star, who has been opening up about her personal life online for nearly ten years, speaks exclusively with ET Canada about her monumental cover shoot.

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“Being on the cover of FASHION Magazine was probably one of the most exciting things I could have heard,” Gorgeous says. “I remember growing up and buying FASHION Magazine! I mean, I would go through all the different looks and trends.”

Gorgeous first found herself breaking into the spotlight before she transitioned in 2008, when she started sharing makeup tutorials on YouTube as Gregory Gorgeous, which solidified her status as a bonafide YouTube star with millions of fans.

Earlier this year, the Montreal-born actress, who has since relocated to California, continued to open up with the debut of her very raw documentary, “This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous”, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

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“I’ve always broken boundaries and pushed the limits in my own life and the lives of others,” Gorgeous adds. “I always encourage people to live authentically and unapologetically.” She continues, “If your parents don’t get you and your friends think you’re weird – I love you and I want you to be exactly who you want you to be.”

Speaking with FASHION Magazine, Gorgeous commends Caitlyn Jenner for opening up about being transgender. “I would have loved to have someone like Caitlyn around when I was younger,” Gorgeous says. “I had friends who were trans who helped, and growing up I always loved Lady Gaga.”

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