Kevin Bacon Asked To Help Small Alberta Town Protest Law

Gifted with the ability to influence millions with a single dance move, the Alberta town of Taber needs “Footloose”; star Kevin Bacon to be their dance hero.

Protesting a new law targeting bad behaviour in the town, a group called Save Us Bacon have taken to Kickstarter to help raise $100,000 for Kevin Bacon to attend a planned dance party just outside the southern Alberta community.

“A small town in Alberta, Canada, recently passed the law from the 1984 motion picture “Footloose’ banning music in public, public gatherings, swearing and instituting various curfews,”; the video proclaims.”;We think that’s super silly mostly because it’s 2015 and Taber, Alberta is a real place, not the setting of charming 1980s dance-rock-themed coming-of-age story.”;

The bylaw was put in place to “regulate and prohibit certain activities in order to prevent and compel the abatement of noise, nuisances, graffiti and public disturbances and to provide for a curfew for minors.”

Including a $75 fine for spitting in public and a $150 penalty for yelling, screaming or swearing in a public place, the bylaw reads like something out of the Old Testament.Limiting noise from bars, the town’s “quiet hours”; are between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

A violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in the mind of one of the men responsible, Jordan Bloeman, the passionate Footloose fan makes it clear that the town is in need of a hero.

“That small town from `Footloose,’ they needed a hero. They needed Kevin Bacon in a tank top. Mr. Bacon, the people of Taber, Alberta, need a hero now more than ever, says the video, watch the plea below.

The hope is to raise enough money to pay the actor to fly to Taber to host a “raucous dance party/protest”; against the town council who put the bylaw in place.

“Help us bring a big city kid to a small town who knows he has to win,“; or in other words, help them re-enact the plot of Bacon’s iconic 1984 film.

Bloeman, with the help of a couple of friends – Matthew Gresiuk and Scott Winder, launched the campaign (which has yet to be approved by Kickstarter) to protest the ill-thoughtout bylaw and says the dance party will totally happen “if the money shows up.”;

“Of course, we’re fans of “Footloose,'”; says Winder. “And Kevin Bacon.”;

The trio has reached out to Bacon’s people, but they haven’t responded.  

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