Kelsea Ballerini Talks Impending Nuptials, Writing For New Album: ‘It Really Crippled Me For A Little Bit’

Kelsea Ballerini is gearing up for a big year. With a North American tour, a new single, and a wedding to plan, the country singer has a lot to talk about.

With both her new album and her wedding coming up later this year, Ballerini says things are going well.

“It’s later this year, so luckily we have a full year to plan it, but we have a wedding planner,” the 23-year-old says, acknowledging that the help is a necessity since both her and fiance Morgan Evans are “very busy”.

So will the pair be performing on their big day?

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“No, no, no, no, nooooooo.  Definitely not,” Kelsea claims. “He has some sappy love songs too, but no, no, no, you can’t involve your career with your wedding, ugh.”

As for her new album, Ballerini breaks it down.

“It’s in three phases, like breakup – going into life – going into love,” she says, “so it’s three very different sections of this record, because it’s kind of just like what my last two years have been.”

The songwriter also got real about the pressure that comes along with a second album. “It really crippled me for a little bit,” she says, adding, “I couldn’t write a song that I was proud of just because I was trying to mimick what I did the first time.”

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“This [album] is much more in-depth and much more heart and much more heartbreak in it.”

As for “Legends”, her new single, Kelsea explains the thought process that went into her music video, telling Cheryl Hickey, “I really wanted to envision a story for every music video on this next record, because I didn’t know anything about music videos when I made my first one.”

“For some reason with ‘Legends’, I imagined it being just bigger than a breakup, like a bigger loss than that, and I always envisioned having a car accident, that was my think for the video,” she says. “Jeff Venable, who directed it, I told him that he built this very beautiful, natural feeling love story around that idea and killed it.”

Check it out below, but be warned: have the tissues on standby.




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