Hugh Grant Helps Americans Understand British Slang With Hilarious Donald Trump Jr. Takedown

Some British slang can sound like a foreign language, especially to Americans. Thankfully, Hugh Grant is here to help with an assist from Donald Trump Jr.

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Over the past few days, President Trump’s son has been at the centre of media attention after the New York Times reported on his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign.

For some inexplicable reason, Don Jr. decided it would be a good idea to head off the story by sharing the potentially self-incriminating emails himself.

It was a bizarre move, and many on the internet took to calling Don Jr. the “Fredo” of the Trump family, in reference to Fredo Corleone from the “Godfather” films.

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But it may have been Hugh Grant who had the best—and funniest—response to Don Jr.’s massive blunder, using it as an opportunity to educate his American fans on the definition of a popular British insult.

Grant’s fans on Twitter thought he hit the nail right on the head.

The photo in Grant’s tweet features Don Jr. holding the sawed-off tail of an elephant he killed during a trip to Zimbabwe in 2010. Other photos from the trip have Don Jr. and his brother Eric posing with a leopard they killed, as well as a buffalo, and their guns.

The photos popped back on the scene in 2015 when the photo with the leopard was shared by Mia Farrow after the killing of Cecil the Lion.




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