“It’s been a complete fairy tale so it’s wonderful!”; exclaims Lily James. The 25-year-old actress is the latest Disney princess – Cinderella!

The Downton Abbey star takes on the title role in the live-action version out this Friday. And as her co-star Cate Blanchett says, she is “absolutely perfect.”;

Cate plays Cinderella’s wicked stepmother but it’s definitely all just an act. “Acting with her was just a gift,”; Lily states. “She’s a really generous woman and she was really kind to me when we were filming.”;

Lily’s been on a whirlwind press tour all over the globe with stops in major cities including London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Meeting all the young fans has been the biggest highlight. “Some of them stroke my dress and others ask these sweet questions,”; she smiles. “I love that. Kids tell the truth so if they’ve invested in it, if they’ve responded to it, then I feel really happy.”;

Something Lily wasn’t too happy about was the controversy surrounding her slim waistline after some social media users suggested her figure had been digitally altered in the film. “It’s just quite shocking because it’s a shame that the press has put that in the limelight…I guess in a way you have to voice your own opinion on it and let it go.”;

Lily does have a lot on the go after Cinderella. She’s taking on the role of another iconic female character — with a twist.  She’s Elizabeth Bennet in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies.

“I got to be a badass zombie slayer and it was interesting playing that role after Cinderella because with Cinderella all her strength comes from within, and with Liz it comes from without – with a dagger and a sword and a pistol in her knickers!”; she adds.

And Lily tells us she’ll also reunite with her Cinderella colleagues: Prince Charming and their director. “I’m going to do Romeo and Juliet with Richard Madden and Kenneth Branagh’s going to direct!”;

The stage play will have a run on London’s West End next year. To see their work now check out Cinderella in theatres March 13.

~Kim Gonsalves