Michael Jackson’s Final Album Headed For Auction

The flow of posthumous releases of Michael Jackson music since his death in 2009 has been pretty slow. So far only two albums of material, 2010’s “Michael” and 2014’s “Xscape”, have seen the light of day, but there’s more unreleased material out there, and the lucky winner of a new auction will get to hear some of it.

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Online auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll is putting up for auction a CD featuring unreleased recordings by the late artist.

The CD includes 12 “master quality” tracks, three of which are unheard mixes of previously released songs: “Monster”, “Breaking News”, and “Stay”.

Nine more tracks are said to be completely new: “Keep Your Head Up,” “Everything’s Just Fine,” “Black Widow,” “Burn Tonight,” “All I Need,” “Water,” “Let Me Fall in Love,” “Ready to Win,” and “Soldier Boy.”

The album, possibly titled “Bible”, was provided by a friend and assistant to Jackson.

Bidding for the CD will open July 19 with a minimum bid of $50,000. According to Rolling Stone, the auction organizers are anticipating a final bid as high as $1 million, though they note that the winner will not own the rights to the songs or recordings, and thus will not be able to share or distribute them.

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Gotta Have Rock and Roll has other Jackson items going up for auction including clothing, a “personally owned teddy bear”, hand-drawn self-portraits, and a “Best Daddy in the World” Oscar statuette apparently given to him by his children.

Also headed to auction is a letter sent by Tupac Shakur to Madonna during his time in jail in 1995, in which he told her they had to break up.



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