Carrie Coon Talks ‘Fargo’ Emmy Nomination But Is ‘Heartbroken’ Over ‘The Leftovers’ Snub

Carrie Coon nabbed an Emmy nomination on Thursday for “Fargo”, but it’s the role she didn’t get nominated for that has fans up in arms.

The actress earned a nomination for Lead Actress In A Drama Series for her role as a Minnesota police officer investigating a number of crimes that all share the same mysterious connections in season three of “Fargo”. While it’s no surprise Coon earned a nod for the dark and off-beat drama, it’s the lack of nominations for Coon’s other series, “The Leftovers”, that has fans crying foul.

The HBO drama signed off for good earlier this year after a season that shifted focus from leading man Justin Theroux to Coon’s grieving mother, who lost her children and husband when two per cent of the world’s population up and vanished. Despite a critically acclaimed season bolstered by fan support, “The Leftovers” came up empty-handed, save for a Guest Actress nomination for Ann Dowd.

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Joining ET Canada on Facebook Live and answering fan’s questions, Coon dished on her nomination and spoke on “The Leftovers” being left out in the cold.

“Honestly, I’m certainly thrilled for ‘Fargo’ but I’m heartbroken this morning for my friends on ‘The Leftovers’ because I was really hoping to see some love for Justin, who I think has been brave and deep for three years,” she admits. “For Damon [Lindelof] whose storytelling…I’ve never seen anything quite like ‘The Leftovers’ on TV. I’m so proud of it and I think history will be very kind to the show but my heart breaks a little bit for my fellow Leftovers this morning.”

“I know the fans are with us,” she continues. “And I know that the television critics have been so supportive of the show and there have been so many amazing, thoughtful pieces written about the ethos of the world we built.”

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It’s not all sadness though as Coon celebrates co-star Dowd’s double nomination for both “The Leftovers” and “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

“I was thrilled to see Ann Dowd get two Emmy nominations because she’s deserved those for a long time,” she says. “At least we got a little bit of love for Ann who’s just the earth. She’s just an incredible actress.”

While it may not have been the news “The Leftovers” team were hoping for, Coon is still celebrating her “Fargo” nod. She says her nomination for the Calgary-filmed series came in the middle of a routine morning.

“I had just finished doing the dishes after breakfast, then I got in the shower to start my day and my husband, who is my biggest fan, had mirrored the nominations onto our Apple TV so when I came out he was standing in front of them,” she tells ET Canada via Skype.

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While she’s now an Emmy nominee for playing the role of Gloria Burgle, Coon admits she had some reservations when she first heard about plans to transition the beloved Coen Brothers movie “Fargo” to the small screen.

“When I first heard about it, I thought, What a terrible idea, and of course I was quickly corrected when I saw season one. I loved season one, and I loved season two even more,” she explains of the series, which earned 16 Emmy nominations on Thursday. “The fact that I had the opportunity to take on that female sheriff trope for season three was…I couldn’t have anticipated that was going to happen and I’m so grateful. What an astonishing group of actors assembled.”

Two of those “astonishing” actors in “Fargo” are her fellow nominees, Ewan McGregor, who plays a dual role as twin brothers, and the season’s chief bad guy, David Thewlis.

“Ewan is a marvelous actor and I got to interact with him as both characters, which a lot of the actors on the show didn’t get to do,” she says. “But I was so scared of David. I respect him so much and I’m rarely intimidated by an actor but I found him incredibly intimidating and of course, he’s a wonderful, generous, super-intelligent, very funny human being.”

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For Coon, this year’s Emmy nominations for her and the women in her drama category “could make her cry” because the roles for brilliant female characters weren’t available in years past.

“I’m so gratified by all of the women,” she says of her competition, which includes Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon for “Big Little Lies”. “I could cry right now thinking about the work that’s being offered to us and it only bodes well for the future. I feel like we all are winning that night. I can’t wait to meet everybody!”

It wasn’t all Emmy talk during Coon’s Facebook Live appearance. The actress took time to answer some burning fan questions, including her guilty food pleasure (“ice cream”), filming the series in Calgary (“I had some great food there”) and her reaction to finding women are attracted to co-star Thewlis’ “Fargo” character (“the man oozes charisma”).

Watch the full interview with Coon below, beginning approximately at the 5 min 45 sec mark.


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