Peter Myers, Mike Myers’ Brother, Speaks Out About Losing His Job From Sears Canada

Mike Myers brother, Peter Myers, was the former Sears Canada executive who has lost his job without severance.

After he employed his famous brother to appear in a 2014 commercial that defended the retail chain, Peter says it’s unfortunate that he lost his job in return.

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Peter was a Sears employee for 35 years and will be leaving his job as the chain’s senior director of planning with absolutely no severance package. On Thursday, the company revealed its restructuring deal and that doesn’t include Peter.

Myers’ joins the 2,900 roles Sears will cut in addition to the 59 closing stores.  In an interview with BNN, Myers explained that the company often asked him to use his brother for commercials.

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“I said, I will do this commercial if it’s about how Sears isn’t closing,” Peter said. He revealed that during the filming of the commercial, Mike joked about his brother getting fired. “Mike turned to me at one point when we were having a break and said, ‘I guess they can never fire you now. We laughed because it was not really a thing,” he said.

Peter said that his brother was surprised when he told him the news. “When I told him, he couldn’t believe it and he really wasn’t happy,” he revealed. “I do see the irony.”



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