Sidney Crosby Plays A Game Of Hockey With Young Players At His Annual Hockey School

Sidney Crosby returned to his hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia for a game of hockey with some young hopefuls.

The Pittsburgh Penguins captain hosted his third annual Sidney Crosby Hockey School and joined in a quick game of hockey when he was chosen to play.


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“You’re on our team. We’ve got the best player in the world. We’re good,” the young player said after Crosby joined their team.

For Crosby, the school is a lot of fun and seeing the kids every year is the best part. “Every year to see where the kids come from, hear their story and how they got here, that never gets old,” he said.

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The school takes in players from all over. This year, 160 participants from Canada, the U.S. and several other countries laced up their skates to play.

With the kids coming from far and wide, getting to show off his hometown is his favourite part. “They get to come to Cole Harbour and see Halifax. It’s the camp, but also the whole experience itself.”

For him, it’s about having role models growing up and people that inspire you and that’s what this school is for. “You need to have people you can look up to, whether it’s an NHL player or a teacher,” Crosby said. “There are instructors and volunteers here that will hopefully have an impact on some of these kids.”




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