It Takes 30 Minutes Of Man-Scaping To Look Like John Cena

The secret’s out!

Though it may look like John Cena spends most of his time perfecting his body in the gym, the actor, and WWE superstar admits he also devotes a considerable amount of time to body grooming.

“I’m completely man-scaped from head to toe — from the ears down — so that takes a bit of time,” he tells PeopleStyle. “I’m constantly trying to stay up on fine lines in my skin and that stuff, so I’m a lot more grooming-centric than you would realize. My routine is a lot more than you would think — I’d say it’s a strong 7.5 out of 10.”

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The routine, which takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes per day, involves “a lot of shaving cream and a very good razor — and time,” he continues. “I have a lot of surface area to cover.”

As the new face of Tapout Body Sprays, Cena has been touting his extensive beauty routine while promoting the new line of men’s products. His ritual, he reveals, began in his mid-teens: “I got into bodybuilding at a young age, when I was like 15 or 16. It’s something that I started, and the first time you man-scape yourself and it starts to grow back, it is so uncomfortable, so I just kept doing it,” he says, while adding that he’s able to finish at least six tubes of shaving cream per month.

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Despite his lengthy routine, Cena, who is newly-engaged to his love and fellow wrestler Nikki Bella, insists it takes him less time to prep for a night out than his fiance: “She [takes longer], absolutely. Man, she does, but it’s not like I’m always waiting for her. She takes longer by a few minutes.”

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