Jimmy Kimmel Pulls A Fast One On 50 Cent

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to have strangers poke fun at 50 Cent, as he unknowingly stands close by.

The hilarious segment appeared on Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! called “50 Cent Is Standing Right Behind You”.

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The fake interview, set up right outside Kimmel’s studio, told strangers that a (fake) magazine called “50 Cent the greatest rapper of all time.” And the unsuspecting pedestrians fell for it every time.

One fan said he “Disagrees entirely,” while another claimed “Kendrick Lamar is…” all the while 50 Cent himself stood by listening in a nearby room, each time stepping out and surprising the individuals.

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50 luckily remained a good sport through it all and even laughed it off along the way.

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