Ashton Kutcher Analyzes Donald Trump’s Tweets

Ashton Kutcher went on Thursday night’s “The Late Show” and used the opportunity to give his theory on Donald Trump’s tweeting style.

Colbert started the conversation asking about “The Ranch” star’s side career investing in some very successful Silicon Valley startups, including Uber and AirBnb. Then Colbert pointed out that Kutcher had also been a “pioneer” user of Twitter, becoming the first person on the platform to reach 1 million followers.

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The subject of Twitter of course led to the current more notorious Twitter user of all: The President of the United States.

So what does Kutcher think of President Donald Trump’s tweets?

“When Twitter first started, when I first got on Twitter you could actually kind of say whatever you thought and get high-quality feedback loops really really quickly and then refine what you thought and re-post it,”  Kutcher said. “But it was before media was really following what people were saying on Twitter. You could put a fragile idea into the world and get high-quality feedback and then amend it and go with whatever you felt.”

“Now, it’s like a giant broadcasting system,” Kutcher continued. “I think his tweets would’ve done a lot better five years ago when you could share an idea that wasn’t fully baked. Honestly I’m not saying that wholly judgmentally, but I kind of feel like emotions can get the best of you when you have that big of a megaphone and sometimes it’s better to think it over a bit.”

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Though he was talking about the President, anybody using social media could probably stand to listen to Kutcher on this. He is a pioneer after all.



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