Big Brother is back! Each week ET Canada will be interviewing the latest houseguest evicted from the house.

Cody Nickson was living like royalty just a little over a week ago. As the Head of Household, he ruled over the “Big Brother” kingdom from on high, sprawled in his luxury-quarters, a princess on his arm, and loyal subjects at his beck and call. During his reign, he went through nominees like Henry the VIII went through wives. But after a sabotaged execution on Paul Abrahamian, the super-serious strategist lost his grip on the game, the peasants revolted, and a week later the Prince was turned into a Frog (or a Ve-toad) and hopped his way out of the “Big Brother” palace.

After the entire cast practically got on their hands and knees to give Paul the HOH victory, like pushover parents who let their kids beat them at Monopoly so as not to cause a scene, the game was all but over for Cody. The former Marine and his showmance partner Jessica Graf secluded themselves from the rest of the housemates, except for intermittent slanging matches with Josh Martinez, who Cody accused of making “victim noises.”

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Paul had a clear plan in mind, and unlike Cody last week who kept his strategy secret, the “BB”-vet let his allies in on his intentions. It was time for Operation Backdoor Cody. Alex Ow and Josh volunteered to go up on the block as pawns, and they were joined by Ramses Soto, who opted to use his curse which insisted he nominates himself within the next three weeks. Cody knew what was coming, and when his name wasn’t drawn to play in the Veto Competition, his chances went from bad to disastrous. Paul continued his winning ways, snatching the Power of Veto which he used on Josh, replacing him with his intended backdoor target.

In his final hours, Cody attempted to stir up some drama, throwing names under the bus, but it was too little too late for the perpetually stony-faced player. He was evicted by a vote of 7-3, which included Christmas Abbott phoning in her vote from her hospital bed post-foot surgery. The broken-footed competitor shockingly voted for Ramses (who also received the other two votes), rather than the man who tried to evict her last week – perhaps a case of too much morphine at the hospital?

ET Canada caught up with Cody to get his thoughts on what went wrong, what a “victim noise” is, why he respects Alex so much, and what his plans are if he gets to return to the game in next week’s Battle Back competition.

Hey, Cody. Your game seemed to fall apart once you tried putting Paul on the block last week. Why didn’t you consult your allies before making this move and do you think it would have helped your game if you did?

Because those Paul groupies would have tried to talk me out of it.

You appeared to have a soft spot for Alex and refused to campaign against her this week. What is it about Alex that you respect so much and do you regret not campaigning against her?

No, I don’t regret it at all. I’ll never campaign against that girl. I think she’s the strongest female BB’er ever in the history of Big Brother. She consumes like 5-7000 calories of food and coca cola a day. I don’t know what fuels this chick, but it’s insane. In the trapeze competition, she legit just about beat me in that competition, and I hate to toot my own horn, but I feel like I’m pretty good at competitions. I don’t know how she did it – she did it on her tippy toes – there’s not one guy in the house that could do that. The other guys are terrified of this chick. I’ve had to tell Matt to man up like 20 different times in the house because he’s terrified of her. The fact that she’s able to instill that fear in the dudes in the house it makes me respect her so much. She deserves to be there; she’s proven it multiple times.

You accused Josh of making “victim noises.” Can you explain exactly what a “victim noise” is and why you clashed so much with Josh?

Obviously I can’t make a victim noise because I don’t make them. It’s those whines and cries and winces of pain. He had to drink pickle juice, and I’ve heard birthing pains that were less than the victim noises that Josh was making just drinking pickle juice. He’s just a constant victim; he’s a man child. He thinks the world hates him, so everyone is trying to coddle him. He’s always trying to gain attention somehow, someway. He has no legitimacy in the house since he hasn’t done anything.

Who do you think is the most dangerous player in the game and why?

Paul – he knows everything about the game and has won countless competitions now. He has everyone on his nuts so much; everyone is a groupie of Paul. So no matter what he does he comes out squeaky clean. The guy is just going to steam roll through everyone.

Julie Chen revealed that there will be a Battle Back competition next week. If you get back in the house what are the plans and changes you will make to your game?

I’ll listen to Jess more – she really does have great intuition. I’ll see what’s been going on since I’ve been gone. I’m not going to stop taking risks. I’d like to say I’ll play more with my head and not with my heart but I’ll probably jump right back in there and try and bolt through like a Tasmanian devil.

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