Rainn Wilson Jokingly Rants About ‘The Office’: ‘I’m Not Dwight Schrute’

Rainn Wilson really let us know how he felt about playing Dwight Schrute.

The actor appeared on an episode of the “Lovett or Leave It” podcast and he went on a rant about the sitcom as requested.

Jon Lovett, the host of the podcast, asked Wilson to spin the rant wheel, of the several different options it could have landed it on, he was given “I’m not Dwight Schrute” and he went for it.

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“I am not Dwight Schrute, okay?” Wilson started his hilarious rant.

“I played a character for 200 episodes, and it was an awesome character, and he was a beet farmer. That doesn’t mean you should hand me beets or make beet jokes every time I go into Starbucks and ask if they have like a beet latte or something like that,” he continued.

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He doesn’t want you to hand him reams of paper, say quotes from the show to him and don’t ask him which bear is best. Got it? “… I am a human being of service to the women and girls of Haiti and to others in this planet, and I am not a beet farmer. So, f**k you,” he reminded everyone.

“And thank you for watching the Emmy-winning show ‘The Office'” is how he ended his segment.

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