British TV Host Slices Finger During Live Broadcast, Pretends He’s Fine As Blood Gushes

In one of the more famous sketches from the early days of “Saturday Night Live”, Dan Aykroyd portrayed famed chef Julia Child accidentally slicing “the dickens out of my little finger” during a TV cooking demonstration, with fake blood hilariously spurting all over the set as she grew woozy and eventually lost consciousness.

A similar scenario played out on Saturday morning during BBC cooking show “Saturday Kitchen” when host Donal Skehan, looking at the camera while chopping vegetables, accidentally carved into one of his fingers.

“I’m fine,” quipped Skehan when a co-host asked if he had cut himself. “We’ll just crack on through like it didn’t happen.”

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According to a BBC News report, blood began “pouring onto the chopping board” while Skehan quickly hid his injured hand behind his back and continued on with the show as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, the blood continued to gush out of what appeared to be a quite serious injury, while Skehan continued to define the phrase “the show must go on.”

Giving his injury a check, Skehan continued: “We’ve just cut my finger but that’s OK because this is live television and very sharp knives.”

He added: “I’ll crack on through. I’m going to wrap a tea towel around it… Nothing like a bit of blood on a Saturday morning just to get you alive and kicking.”

Viewers reacted to the moment with a mixture of mockery, sympathy and disgust, as evidenced by tweets such as these:

Following the incident, Skehan himself took to Twitter to thank those fans who offered sympathy, writing that his injury was “thankfully not too deep but ooh that smarts!”







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