‘Simpsons’ Writer Reveals Other Characters Who Auditioned To Be Poochie, And Fans Go Wild

One of the most-beloved fan-favourite episodes of the “The Simpsons” features an obnoxious cartoon dog named Poochie, who winds up being voiced by Homer when he inadvertently displays some Poochie-like attitude during auditions.

What fans never knew, however, is that other Springfield denizens also auditioned for the role, including Moe the bartender, Teutonic action hero Rainer Wolfcastle and even Grandpa Simpson.

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Fans know now, after “Simpsons” writer Josh Weinstein — who wrote the episode — shared some script pages that were never used, in which these and other characters would have delivered their best Poochie voices.

“Not only didn’t these characters get the role of Poochie, their auditions were cut from the script!” writes Weinstein on Twitter along with a photo of the original outline.

Fans were thrilled to discover the never-before-seen script, and responded with excitement. One person, in fact, pointed out that Moe’s aborted audition was similar to what happened with Homer that landed him the role.

Weinstein responded that the observation was right on the money, revealing that “Homer’s audition is the very next page – that’s probably why we cut Moe.”

This led to more back and forth between Weinstein and breathless “Simpsons” fans who just had their minds blown by the comedic possibilities that could have been.

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