Harry Styles’ Heart Races For Ryan Gosling

Harry Styles got put in the hot seat for a hilariously gruelling Heart Monitor Challenge.

The singer and “Dunkirk” star went on BBC Radio 1 for an interview, and was roped into doing their Heart Monitor Challenge, in which the subject is strapped to a heart rate monitor, and then shown a number of photos to see which ones make their heat rate rise.

It turns out Styles is most affected by Ryan Gosling — and a Chelsea boot.

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Shown a picture of his “Dunkirk” director Christopher Nolan, Styles’ heart rate stays stable, but then when confronted by a picture of Ryan Gosling in “The Notebook” his heart rate begins to climb. “He’s great,” Styles says.

A sexy picture of Zayn Malik didn’t elicit much of a response, surprisingly, but a picture of stacks of money actually set off an alarm on the monitor.

Finally, when shown a picture of a Chelsea boot, Styles loses it as his heart rate climbs rapidly, sending him into a laughing fit and calling out his friends Lou and Harry, standing outside of the recording studio, for throwing an inside joke at him, saying, “You two are idiots.”



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