Chris Evans Offers Hilarious Response To Ann Coulter’s Airline Twitter Tantrum

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter has never been one to keep her opinions to herself, and that held true when she found herself bumped out of her pre-assigned seat on a Delta flight to another seat — which didn’t have the extra leg room she had requested and, she claimed, paid extra for.

True to form, Coulter vented her spleen in a weekend-long Twitter tirade, slamming the airline viciously in tweets detailing how she “took time [to] investigate the aircraft & PRE-BOOK a specific seat on @Delta so some woman could waltz on at the last minute & take my seat.”

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Coulter, who is six feet tall, claimed that she had booked the seat in order to have extra leg room on the flight, and even tweeted a photo of the woman who she claimed was given her seat.

Delta, however, is not taking the attack lying down, and issued a statement about Coulter’s tweet storm: “We are disappointed that the customer has chosen to publicly attack our employees and other customers by posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media,” Delta said in a statement on Sunday, describing Coulter’s behaviour as “unnecessary and unacceptable.”

Delta also addressed Coulter’s complaints in a couple of terse tweets, stating she’ll be refunded the $30 she paid for the seats while taking her to task for her “insults about our other customers and employees.”

Coulter fired back, griping that it cost her “$10,000 of my time to pre-select the seat I wanted, investigate type of plane & go back periodically to review seat options.”

That particular comment led Coulter to be widely mocked throughout the Twitterverse, but one of the funniest responses came from “Captain America” star Chris Evans, who tweeted a sarcastic takedown.

“I totally get it,” quipped Evans. “It costs me $75k to brush my teeth. I must pre-select a brush, investigate types of paste, and periodically spit bulls**t.”



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