You might recognize him as the young Hank McCoy from “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”;, or from his time playing a zombie with heart in “Warm Bodies”;, but if you’re unfamiliar with the work of Nicholas Hoult you’re about to get a face-full with his two latest projects – “Mad Max: Fury Road”; and “Equals”;.

During his cowboy hat and tequila soaked time at SXSW, Rick Campanelli also got the chance to speak with Hoult at The Boffin’s Lab Powered by Jaguar and WIRED Insider party and the actor opened up about his experience on set of the highly anticipated “Mad Max” reboot.

“I’m just glad everyone’s going to get to see it,”; the actor tells Rick. “We filmed it two and a half years ago, and it’s been in director George Miller’s…it’s been in his mind for many years more than that, so it’s exciting.”;

One of the things that got the young actor’s engine revving was the cars. “My car in [the film] is a V8 hot rod,”; he explains continuing on about why he “got chills”; on set.

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“You’re in an armada of these one-off designed vehicles flying around the Nambian dessert,”; Hoult says. “You could just hear all these V8s and V12s roaring around you and I’d just get chills.”;

Adding, “you couldn’t hear when they were saying “action’ and stuff, so I’m not sure what I did, but it seemed to work.”;

Aside from his performance that “seemed to work,”; Hoult says that fans need not be worried about the reboot – hitting theatres May 15 – telling Rick that the film was in “good hands”; with “Mad Max”; original director George Miller.

“He knows that world that he created so perfectly and each character, down to…he knew my character’s whole life story up until the day you meet him in the film,” he says. “So when you’ve got that much information and such a great person leading the film, then it makes it kind of easy.”;

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When he wasn’t pressing for details about the upcoming “Mad Max”; film, Rick wanted the scoop on another of Nicholas’ projects – working with Kristen Stewart on “Equals”;.

“I don’t want to give away too much about the film,”; Hoult says. “But [Kristen’s] a real artist and someone who’s incredibly talented and great at like you know, improvising and taking lines and developing them and just working the story out. I can’t talk highly enough of her.”;

For more with Nicholas Hoult, watch the video below!