Aaron Carter Serves Up Another Twitter Tirade Following Arrest, Attacks Body Shamers, Rumours Of Drug Abuse

Following his arrest Saturday on charges of marijuana possession and DUI refusal, Aaron Carter returned to social media on Monday to address body shaming comments from Twitter users and talk show hosts Sharon Osbourne and Aisha Tyler linking his thin physique with rumours of drug abuse. Now, Osbourne and Tyler have addressed his comments and compel the former pop star to seek help.

“I will NOT continue to tolerate such lies about me regarding drug use with alleged meth, heroine [sic], crack – it’s not funny,” he tweeted.

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“The body shaming must end now,” he added, blasting the “many bullies” out there in the Twitterverse who “hide behind your screens and type it, but wouldn’t say it to my face.”

In addition, Carter also called out “The Talk” hosts Aisha Tyler and Sharon Osbourne, who joked that Carter “looks like he’s cracked out” during Monday’s edition of the daytime talk show.

“I am not an ‘addict’ and not on ‘crack,” Carter tweeted, along with video of the discussion from “The Talk”.

On Wednesday, “The Talk” co-hosts Osbourne and Tyler clarified their comments on the former child star, suggesting that he is a “figure in crisis” who is “clearly struggling.”




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