Rihanna and Steve Martin have animated chemistry!

“Sparks flying. A lot of anger,”; Steve Martin says.”;Chills,”; adds Rihanna.

That’s how the unlikely pairing of Martin and Rihanna describe – along with Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons – describe their chemistry in the new animated feature, Home. 

Opening Friday, March 27 the movie is about an alien and a teenage girl who develop an unexpected friendship – which is a pretty universal theme, according to Rihanna.

“I actually think opposites attract A LOT,”; the singer, who was recently rumoured to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio, told ET Canada during a recent junket interview promoting the film. “I think people are intrigued, they’re curious, they want to understand the things that they don’t.”;

Rihanna can relate – citing her relationship with her BFF.

“We hated each other for the first week [of high school]. We were like “Ew, you have my hairstyle, gross,'” she admits. “And then we joined cadets and we were like…”;

Suddenly, Jim Parsons interrupted Rihanna’s story.

“What’s a cadet?”; he asked. “Is a cadet like a cheerleader?”;

“Cadets is NOT like a cheerleader,”; Rihanna fired back. “They shoot weapons. It’s like miltary.”;

“I should have known,”; he said. “Not so much a pom pom, but a gun.”;

Watch a sneak peek of the interview below and see the full thing on tonight’s ET Canada on Global at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

~ By Jason Richards