Sisqo Still Obsessed With Underwear, Remakes 1999 Hit ‘Thong Song’

There are three things people know about Sisqo: he’s the lead singer of R&B group Dru Hill, he once sported a silver spray-painted platinum Caesar, and he has an unhealthy obsession with thongs.

Eighteen years after the original release of the nauseatingly addictive “Thong Song” – an early Noughties club classic and inappropriate high school disco favourite – Sisqo is back with the help of Norwegian DJ trio JCY for an updated 2017 remix. “Thong Song” originally appeared on the singer’s 1999 debut album “Unleash the Dragon” and went on to reach No. 3 on the Billboard Charts.

The new version is more polished and refined than the somewhat dated original – well, as refined as a song about ogling women’s butts can possibly be. It features smoother production and a modern EDM beat. It’s an updated retelling for a new generation of butts.

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The lyrics, however, remain the same and as iconic as ever. Girls are still dressing so scandalous, with dumps like a truck (truck truck), and livin’ la vida loca.

In the accompanying music video, the 41-year-old artist trades in his silver hair for a cap and hoodie combo, while an assembly of thong-bikini wearing women shake their derriere at the beach, much like in the Miami Spring Break themed original. But in a new twist, the scantily-clad women also show off their backsides at a roller disco, grinding against the wooden flooring in what is surely a hygiene risk.

“I’ve been asked so many times over the years to make a new version of “Thong Song,” and I have declined every time until I heard the new version that JCY did,” Sisqo told Buzzfeed News. “I thought it was dope and figured maybe it was time to put some new rims on the Bugatti.”

When asked why the video didn’t feature the epic stunts of the original, like somersaulting from atop a human pyramid over a crowd of fans, the singer said it was partly due to injury. “I’d just done a show on the complete opposite side of the country where I dislocated three ribs,” he explained. “The epitome of insult to injury was the couple of hours we had to learn brand new choreography for the video right before recording it where in most cases you get a week to learn a new routine.”

You can watch the video for the new “Thong Song” above.



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