Lorde Got Stuck On A New York Subway For Four Hours

Lorde gets stuck in transit like the rest of us.

On “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Monday, Lorde told the story of getting stuck on the F line subway in New York for four hours.

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Lord described “sitting on the floor for four hours.” When Meyers asked if during that time anyone recognized her, she said “I don’t know if they noticed, but all I could think about is that I had a little oatmeal in my bag and if anyone finds out, this is going to be a prized commodity.”

Amazingly, that experience hasn’t completely dampened her romance for New York’s MTA service. Being in public, around people was important for Lorde. “I feel like it reintroduced me back into society,” she said.

In fact, Lorde loves the subway so much that she thanked the MTA in the notes for her new album, “Melodrama”.

Lorde and Meyers got into other subjects, like her synesthesia, which causes visuals to stimulate music in her mind. Essentially, she sees music in colours, which she says she has a hard time explaining to “synesthesia muggles.”

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Lorde also talked about first meeting Meyers, and her creative partnership with producer Jack Antonoff on “Melodrama”.

Plus, Lorde performed her new song “Perfect Places”.

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