SisQo Fans Leap Into Action After Singer Labelled ‘One Hit Wonder’

It’s hard to argue that “Thong Song” isn’t SisQo’s biggest hit, but that doesn’t mean it’s his only hit.

Nearly two decades after storming the charts with his ode to underwear, the singer dropped an updated version of the track with Norwegian EDM trio JCY, but loyal fans took issue with the way Mashable covered the release.

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“One-hit wonder SisQo remakes the only hit he’s famous for,” the original headline read.

Although the title of the article was later altered, it didn’t take long before fans took to Twitter to defend the R&B star’s legacy. One user pointed out that his 6x-platinum album, “Unleash The Dragon,” also spawned a Billboard Hot 100 #1 single, “Incomplete” (“Thong Song” only peaked at #3).

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In fact, SisQo was a member of multi-platinum R&B group Dru Hill before he ever went solo.

Another fan pointed out that “Thong Song” isn’t the crooner’s only memorable music video, either.

Although it’s definitely hard to top it.

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Watch the just-released “Thong Song” refresh below.



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