Rosie O’Donnell Feels The Heat For Linking To ‘Push Trump Off A Cliff’ Game

Rosie O’Donnell is facing criticism for tweeting a link this past Saturday to a website that allows users to shove the U.S. president off the edge of a cliff.

After the comedian linked to the online game, called “Push Trump Off A Cliff Again”, fans warned that sharing the website could be seen as “advocating violence” against the president.

The warning proved correct, as the website for Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed O’Donnell for what they referred to as “heinous anti-Trump content.” The blog post also labelled the outspoken actress a “rabid-leftist” and her sharing of the link in question, “gross.”

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O’Donnell and Trump have been embroiled in a tense public feud for years, ever since the 55-year-old TV host criticized Trump on an episode of “The View” in 2006. The pair have traded many personal insults, whether during Trump’s time as host of “The Apprentice” or on Twitter.

Most recently, O’Donnell was under attack for sharing a video that suggested Trump’s son, Barron, had autism. The comedian later apologized.

O’Donnell’s latest tweet received backlash from Trump supporters and conservatives.

Meanwhile, others supported O’Donnell and her sharing of the game.

It’s not the first time a public figure has come under fire for seemingly endorsing violence against the U.S. president. Comedian Kathy Griffin was recently questioned by the secret service after posting a photo of herself holding a replica of Trump‘s severed head. Actor Johnny Depp recently apologized for causing offence when he made an assassination joke while on stage at the UK’s Glastonbury music festival.


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