Is Jared Leto gearing up for a return to the comic book world?

Not so fast, says the Oscar-winning actor. Sitting down with ET Canada’s Roz Weston in Toronto, Leto is mum about reprising his role as The Joker in a “Suicide Squad” sequel.

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“Talking about Joker is like talking about ‘Fight Club’: unless you want to gargle your testicles, it’s probably better to leave it,” he jokes. “He’s liable to jump out of the cupboard and just start having fun.”

While fans of the DC Extended Universe will have to wait for more news on the franchise, the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman doesn’t hold back his excitement for his upcoming turn in “Blade Runner 2049.”

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“Making ‘Blade Runner’ was incredible, it was a dream,” Leto gushes. “For me, ‘Blade Runner’ is one of the best films of all time.”

The actor also has high praise for his co-stars, Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, dubbing them “fantastic.”

Watch the trailer for the thriller below, and tune into ET Canada Wednesday for more!