Jada Pinkett Smith Opens About Once Selling Drugs, Plus Marriage Secrets

Jada Pinkett Smith stopped by “Sway In The Morning” on Wednesday to talk about her upcoming movie with Queen Latifah, “Girls Trip,” and ended up revealing she was once a drug dealer.

After Sway had asked the actress about her relationship with the late Tupac Shakur, she mentioned how she had some “crazy days” 23 years ago, and that involved dealing drugs.

“It’s kind of hard because I haven’t really told the whole story,” Pinkett Smith said about her relationship with the legendary rapper. “One of the things that’s very interesting that I’ve never really said before is that when I first met Pac – when we first met, I was a drug dealer.”

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“I won’t get into the details of it because I’m going to write a book about it… just to give you… like that’s how we started,” the 45-year-old singer-songwriter continued. “Then as I was coming out, something very bad happened to me – as I was coming out of the life, he was going more into the life.”

“And I just felt like ‘okay God, one day you’re gonna do for Pac what you did for me, which is, you saved me,’ and that just never happened for him,” she explained. “And so that is something which I’m constantly having to confront.”

Pinkett Smith recently took to Twitter to slam the Tupac biopic “All Eyez On Me” over its portrayal of the pair’s relationship, which she said misrepresented their interactions.

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During the interview, Sway also asked the actress whether she would be okay with her husband Will Smith making an album like Jay-Z’s recently released “4:44,” revealing marital secrets.

Pinkett Smith said “Hell yeah!” she’d be cool with it but exclaimed, “There are no secrets! That’s basically what Jay is saying, we’re all going through the same s**t. It’s all the same!”

She continued: “It’s just about how do you handle your situation. And that’s where we grow, and that’s what relationships are for. Relationships are really about two people coming together to heal their traumas and grow up.”

You can see Pinkett Smith in “Girls Trip” which is released Friday, 21 July.




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