James McAvoy Talks Shaving Private Parts As A Young Man On ‘The Late Show’

A freshly shaven-headed James McAvoy appeared on “The Late Show” Wednesday night to discuss “X-Men”, “Atomic Blonde”, and… his nether regions.

The actor, who recently shaved his head again to portray Professor Charles Xavier in the upcoming film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” was asked by Stephen Colbert, “Does the carpet match the lack of drapes?”

After pausing for thought, McAvoy confessed that, in fact, he had shaved down in that area when he was a younger man. He told the host an embarrassing childhood story about borrowing his grandfather’s razor to shave his private parts.

“Did he know?” Colbert enquired. “Well, he found out,” the Scottish actor answered.

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McAvoy went on to say that he aborted the downstairs trim halfway through because “it wasn’t working” for him, but that his grandparents suspected something was wrong when they found a bloodied razor in the bathroom.

“‘We’ve just seen your granddad’s razor, and it’s got blood in it, and there’s blood in the toilet. Show us your wrists, son! Show us your wrists!'” he recalled them shouting. Eventually, McAvoy had to admit, “I was shaving my balls!”

When the talk show host assumed his grandparents must have been relieved, McAvoy said, “No, they were very kind of like, ‘What?'”

He concluded: “It took a while before they gave me the talk about hygiene and how my granddad uses that razor on his face.”

McAvoy stars alongside Charlize Theron in “Atomic Blonde” which will be released July 28, 2017.




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