Ruth Wilson’s Body Double On ‘The Affair’ Alleges Sexual Harassment, Launches Lawsuit

The woman who worked as a body double for Ruth Wilson on “The Affair” has filed a lawsuit against the show, alleging she was fired for reporting an incident she felt constituted sexual harassment.

According to TMZ, Ashynn Alexander is suing Showtime, claiming she was axed from her job as Wilson’s body double in September 2015. In the legal documents obtained by TMZ, Alexander alleges that she was shocked to see herself listed on the call sheet as “Alison Sexytime Double” (Alison, for those who don’t watch the acclaimed cable drama, is the name of Wilson’s character, has frequently engaged in steamy nude sex scenes throughout the show’s three seasons).

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Alexander’s suit states that she confronted the assistant director who wrote the call sheet, claiming he admitted during their meeting that the language was inappropriate. However, she also alleges that he then proceeded to belittle her, telling her that she could be easily replaced. Six days later, she claims, she was terminated from the show.

The excuse she was given, notes the lawsuit, was that her hair colour was no longer a good match for Wilson’s; she disputes that, however, claiming she had always worn a wig for Alison’s nude scenes.

Alexander is suing Showtime, the production company and the assistant director; Showtime, adds TMZ, “had not comment.”

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