Will Smith Comments On Viral Picture Of Him Looking Like Uncle Phil From ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’

According to the internet, Will Smith is starting to resemble several characters from his time on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

First, there is the picture of the actor bungee jumping that went viral because he looks like Uncle Phil from the series, who was played by the late James Avery.

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Next, in his upcoming Netflix movie, “Bright”, the actor wears a moustache and the internet immediately compared him to another “Fresh Prince” character — himself (playing Ashley’s father).

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While promoting “Bright” at San Diego Comic-Con this week, Smith was asked about suddenly starting to mirror some of the characters from his sitcom. Turns out, Smith wasn’t a fan of the moustache then and isn’t a fan of it now, either.

“The moustache! I hated that moustache. That was so bad,” he revealed. When Huffington Post then brought up the bungee jumping picture to the actor, he knew right away whom he looked like. “Uncle Phil!” said Smith.

Speaking of the past, Smith also briefly spoke about the end of the era of the indestructible movie star. “In terms of movie stars, it’s a huge difference. It’s like you almost can’t make new movie stars anymore.”

According to Smith, back then, the public only had access to movie stars when their newest blockbuster opened. Now, it’s more about going viral and having a close relationship with fans.

“The relationship is less like the time of Madonna, Michael Jackson, when you could make Tom Cruise these gigantic figures, because you can’t create that anymore. The shift is to We’re best friends and that’s like with the comments and with those pictures and all that,” he explained.

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