Ellen Barkin Opens Up About George And Amal Clooney’s Wedding

Precious few Hollywood folks received an invite to George and Amal Clooney’s Venice wedding last September. But Ellen Barkin was most definitely there. And months later, the veteran actress is ready to spill a few beans.

Speaking with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper on Wednesday’s What Watch Happens Live, Ellen confirmed that — from what she can remember — it was most definitely a night to remember.

First off, the gorgeous Italian spread. “I didn’t eat. I was too busy drinking,”; the 60-year-old confessed. And when asked whether only Italian dishes were served, she replied, “You know what, I’m not lying, I have no f—ing idea! I have no idea. I didn’t eat a thing all weekend.”;

Okay, so far so coy. Anderson Cooper then asked if any of the guests fooled around at the reception. Ellen’s answer: “Possibly!”;

Well that, uh, settles that. Fortunately, she did share a couple of heartening tidbits about the new bride and groom. First up: George. “I always felt he would [get married],”; she said of her Ocean’s 13 co-star. “I felt he was just waiting till he felt like he wanted to.”;

As for Amal? “She takes great care of [George] and all his friends,”; Ellen noted.

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