In recent years, Charlie Sheen’s shenanigans have overshadowed the fact that he was once a sought-after dramatic actor (remember “Platoon” and “Wall Street”?), a situation that may reverse itself after filmgoers watch him portray a man facing a 21st-century tragedy in the gritty drama “9/11”.

In this just-released trailer (above), Sheen is one of a group of people trapped in an elevator within the World Trade Center during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

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With news footage of the attacks interspersed within the drama, the group — which also includes characters played by Gina Gerson and Luis Guzman — find themselves trapped and helpless, their only link to the outside world a security officer (Whoopi Goldberg) watching banks of World Trade Center camera monitors in a control room

“I need you to try and get the hell out of there,” Goldberg tells Sheen and his partners via the intercom.

The trailer closes out in frightening fashion when the wire holding the elevator snaps, sending the car plummeting downward.

“9/11” is slated to hit theatres on Sept. 8.

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