This Photo Of Nicolas Cage In Kazakhstan Has Become A Viral Sensation

Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan is the internet’s latest favourite meme.

Over the weekend, a photo of the actor in Kazakhstan surfaced online. In it, Cage, 53, is wearing traditional Kazakhstani clothing and is standing beside First Lady Sara Nazarbayeva.

The picture went viral because of the face Cage is making in the photo, looking both mesmerized and unimpressed.

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Why was Cage in Kazakhstan in the first place? Well, the actor was there to attend the Eurasia International Film Festival.

Cage isn’t the only celebrity who will be appearing at the 13th annual film festival. John Malkovich, Adrien Brody and Bai Ling are also set to make an appearance.

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The photo prompted many a Twitter user to turn the picture into the internet’s newest meme and try to guess exactly what had Cage looking so transfixed:

Never change, internet.



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