Game Show Takes A Hilarious Turn When Everyone Knows The Answer But The Contestants

Viewers of the BBC quiz show “Letterbox” witnessed a frustratingly hilarious game between two clueless contestants.

The British show involves two sets of contestants who take turns picking letters to form a word based on the clue given by the host in a televised take on the classic game of Hangman. On Monday’s episode, viewers and the contestants’ partners were left shaking their heads when the players weren’t able to guess the password.

“I’ll give you a hint, it’s a fictional character,” the show’s host informs the opposing players, Lyndsey and Troy.

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As each took turns picking letters at random to complete the nine-word answer, it became apparent that the only two people who didn’t know the answer were the ones playing the game.

Watch the hilarious game unfold below.

Twitter users were in hysterics over the game, adding their own puns to describe the battle of wits:




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